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Stress is an epidemic in western society and has many side effects that have a major impact on not only your work life, but can impact on our family your relationships and ultimately your health.

It can create many physical and emotional problems ranging from poor sleep and anxiety and tension, high blood pressure, tense muscles, digestive problems, depression and behavioural problem to name but a few, all these things greatly effecting how we cope with work and family life in fact just life in general

Stress in itself is a reaction to a situation and I will help you to understand and recognise your stress responses and how to control and overcome them, giving you tools and techniques that will bring you back to calm and balance as quickly as possible, I will help make you aware of how you react in any given stressful situation and help you change your responses, this is what will ultimately make lasting changes to your health your emotions and give you back control of your life.

Stress and Relaxation therapy is a very effective way to help you bring calm and balance back into your life.

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