Our 4 week Better Sleep Programme has fast become one of our most popular programmes.

Due not only to the current situation over the past Year with the Pandemic, a high percentage of the population suffer in one way or another from poor sleep problems to chronic sleep and stress problems.

This is a world wide situation and it stems mainly from our modern fast paced way of life, it effects not only adults but children too.

Poor Sleep greatly impacts on stress levels and how you cope with everyday life, it can greatly impact your health, your job and your relationships. It impacts every area of your life and its important that you address it before it becomes a real problem

Tired woman lying on back chair with closed eyes. Businesswoman doing deep relaxation exercises during hard working day. Beautiful girl dreaming about future in office. Short meditation at workplace

Better Sleep Means Better Health & Happiness

What happens during hypnosis for poor sleep

  • Your hypnotherapist will ask you a few question relating to your lack of sleep and lifestyle to ascertain the best way in which to help you and tailor the programme to your specific needs

  • Your hypnotherapist will explain how hypnotherapy works by relaxing you enough for you to accept the suggestions that you choose to allow to work for you with your subconciuos mind with you being in control always.
  • Carefully worded scripts will be used as we explore a client's reasons for not sleeping well and suggest ways to improve the situation by giving you tools and methods to use that will change the situation permanently. You have the control always to decide what feels right and what will work for you, although deeply relaxed and at ease you will always be aware and in control at all times, The session will be guided by your specific needs and changes made as you improve. you will be given a different personally scripted audio to take away after each session to use between sessions as you progress and improve, finally reaching your goal of long term blissful normal resful good nights sleep .

Better Sleep Better Health

While each case is different and everyone has their own reasons for wanting to improve their quality of sleep, sleep deprivation is no joke, it can steal your enthusiasm, energy and joy and impact negatively on all areas of your life.

here are some suggestions you might encounter included below

  • Impacting your mind and clarity, dull your focus and make simple daily tasks seem hard to address
  • Feeling tired tense and irritable all the time
  • Impacting on relationships
  • Feeling run down and unable to cope emotionally
  • Have no energy or enthusiasm 

  • Realising that your missing out on the joy of everyday living through feeling tired all the time

The Better Sleep Programme Includes 4 weekly 90 minute sessions tailored to identifying where the problem lies, we then work with specific hypnotherapy scripts designed specifically around your problem to address the issues you have and what brought you to this point, you will have a personally scripted recording tailored specifically for you to use every night between sessions, a Better Sleep Programme Print out with information on sleep problems with causes and helpful ways for self improvement and suggestions on what may work for you.

The Success rate of this programme is excellent and we are very happy that our extremely high level of success has helped so many people regain the right to a good nights sleep.

Better Sleep Programme

Our Better Sleep Programme has rapidly become one of our most sought after treatments due to the high rise in sleep problems and our  high success rate.

One of the most commonly asked questions in hypnotherapy consultations is - will hypnotherapy for work for me?

If you are serious about improving your sleep habits, improving your stress levels to positively impact all areas of your life then I would most definitely say yes.


We will help you find the right solution through our 4 week Hypnotherapy Better Sleep Programme, allowing you once more the enjoyment and comfort of a wonderful restful decent nights sleep.  giving you back control of your life.

The aim is to become a happier and healthier, more confident version of you and get back the joy of living that sleep deprivation steals from you.

Tired woman lying on back chair with closed eyes. Businesswoman doing deep relaxation exercises during hard working day. Beautiful girl dreaming about future in office. Short meditation at workplace
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