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Are you are looking for a way to address stress and anxiety and to restore balance and calm back into your work, relationships and family life?

Are you looking to step into a healthier, happier, more positive future armed with the tools that will give you back control of your life; helping you to maintain balance and wellness ?  If  the answer is yes then that’s a goal I can help you achieve.

I can help  you find a way to de-stress, reduce anxiety and help you take back control of your life in a happier healthier more positive way.

I will give you the means, methods and coping mechanisms that will help and empower you to turn your life around, enabling you to enjoy the peace and calm that we all deserve each and every day.

I am a Professional Stress Management Consultant, a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner, my life's work is helping people like you eliminate stress and regain the joy in your every day life



Here at Calm My Life, I specialize in Online therapies for Stress Anxiety and Weight Loss. Therapies that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. I have worked with many clients over the years via skype and more recently on Zoom. In my considerable experience, online sessions are every bit as effective as a face to face session, it means there is no limit to the people I can help due to location, this  is a godsend for people in other countries and for ones here in the UK who don’t drive or are anxious about travelling to new places.  Accessing these therapies via Zoom or Skype is also easier to fit in to schedules. We offer  day and evening sessions,  there is no travel time and they can all be carried out in familiar more relaxed surroundings like your home in the comfort of your favourite chair or sofa.

You get to enjoy all the same benefits and expertise as a face to face session in an environment where you feel safe, relaxed and comfortable.

II offer a free no obligation initial telephone consultation. This relaxed consultation is designed to put you at ease, give you an opportunity to get to know me, feel comfortable asking questions and to briefly discuss your problem.

to make an appointment for a free initial telephone consultation please fill in the form on the contact page.